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The Ultimate Dubai Book Club Experience

by Jodie Fowler on Aug 13, 2022

The Ultimate Dubai Book Club Experience
Meeting new people in Dubai is often a daunting experience, BUT you're in luck. Pinot & Pages was created to make this experience a little less terrifying *phew*.

This new social book club was created for like-minded people to meet up, discuss the monthly read and hear new perspectives, all whilst enjoying good food & drink.

Run by the wonderful Caitlin, an expat music teacher with a passion for a good thriller and even better food. P&P organises social meet ups each month for members to attend and share their thoughts on the chosen book.

Why Join Pinot & Pages?

  • Book clubs are an excellent way for book lovers to get together to discuss their favourite books and authors, and what better way to do this than over a glass of Pinot!
  • Helps you finally read those books that have been collecting dust for the last few years (yes, I see them too).
  • You can make new likeminded friends and enjoy yummy food, refreshing drinks and the beautiful Dubai Skyline.
  • Share your thoughts on the book with confidence! Pinot & Pages create a safe space to dig deep and discover different points of view
If you love reading, meeting new people and want to have fun, then Pinot & Pages is for you!
Don’t miss out on the fun. Pinot & Pages is inviting ladies across UAE to sign up and join.

Psst, there’s more… As a member you can also redeem exclusive Sip discounts, and treat yourself to personalised water tumbler to help keep you hydrated while you get stuck into a good book.

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